One of my favorite dishes!

Good morning! I trust all is well with y’all:) 

Quinn and I went for a walk this morning and the air was filled with the sound of our Canadian Geese returning home!! Welcome back! Spring is here 🌞 

 I have some time before work today so I am preparing spaghetti squash! It is the most delicious dish for us low carb folk and easy to prepare.  Ideally I like to bake it the evening before and put it in the fridge over night. It takes on a different texture and is much easier to remove from the skin of the squash. I only remove what is needed for a meal and leave the rest in the fridge until the next meal. Trust me, I go through one pretty quickly!  I love to heat the squash and add butter and feta cheese. You can make a meat sauce and serve it just like pasta! It’s so versatile and makes a lovely satisfying dish. 


Until we meet again,


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