I’m Just Saying…

I find February and March to be the 2 months of the year that pass the slowest.  Seriously… tic…toc…tic…toc! 

But, the best part of those 2 months is that 2 of our 3 children were born then! One in February and one in March!!  Our middle son was born on the 11th of February and our youngest, a daughter, born on the 1st of March. My oldest son was born on October 31st! Yes, he is my official pumpkin weighing in at 9lbs!

I love how I can remember every detail of each one of my children’s births. Every sound in the delivery room, their first cry… everything! It makes my heart happy:)

Birthday celebrations this weekend with all the trimmings!! Beer, wine and cake!! Of course our kids are all adults now and getting on with their own lives, which is exciting, confusing and scary for them but we are so very proud of each of them! They have grown into caring citizens of our community and loving to each other…

That makes my heart even happier!!img_1697

Till we meet again,

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