What a game!!

I have to say I am not a big sports fan but when you see a come back like that… that is determination!! It’s always nice to see the underdogs pull off a win, but when the other team digs in their heels like that…it’s golden! Way to go Patriots!  And Lady Gaga! She has a beautiful voice and is quite the entertainer…I loved the mike drop!

So, I did something quite enjoyable this past weekend. I painted my first acrylic painting! I did buy books on how to paint with acrylics and how to create abstract art, but when push comes to shove it’s best for me to just do it…jump in with both feet! So I did:img_3542


It is a learning process for sure and I’d love any advice or inspiration you can give me…Pastels and oil will be my next challenge but for now I’ll keep practicing  with acrylics.

I found a fun app on my phone, Colorfy!  It’s nice to have the ability to colour on my phone and then I can share the finished piece on Instagram or Facebook … so much fun!img_3537img_3543

Give it a try.

Progress with preparing to move!!  My daughter and I donated 7 bags of clothes, 3 boxes of dishes, and 2 boxes of Christmas decorations we no longer need!  It feels so good. I also started in the front office as you can see. I moved all the papers, magazines and books from the desk out into the dining room…at least it’s in the open and I can sort through it as I go!

Be sure to find some play time in between all the happenings of your day, it helps to keep our feet on the ground and our head in the game!

Until we meet again,

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