Clean up time…

Alright, I jumped ahead a number of months when I mentioned renovate, renovate, renovate!!

It’s more like clean, organize, clean, organize, clean, organize!! I have a lot of work ahead of me planning this move across the country and it needs to begin in our basement!  Hind sight is always 20/20. I should have been in control of the basement and it’s growing abilities long ago, but really who does that?  Well, I now have to do that, but I’m taking the positive approach which I prefer to do!

I am looking forward to finding those lost and forgotten memories, the box of baby clothes that our kids wore and how about the photo album box! I’ll have to take a bottle, I mean glass of wine down stairs with me when I find that one. All the lovely and maybe not so lovely memories we have boxed up down there.  It’s refreshing to clear the clutter and breath the fresh air that follows after a good clean up!  We all have those boxes and bags to go through and I am excited to start opening ours up.

My basement will be very happy as well once we are done!!

img_3528  I love my chalk board door…

You’ll notice at the bottom of the chalk board it has the letters BB Donations. My sister inspired me to say YES when a donation centre calls for items! What a great way to empty my space of our gently used items to help families in need, and I don’t even have to load up my vehicle, the centre picks it all up! Thanks for the challange sis!

I now challenge all of you!!  Get down there and open up the memories!

Tag, you’re it!!

Please let me know how it’s going!! I would love to see your pictures and offer some encouragement. Wine, kleenex….whatever it takes we will get it done!

Until we meet again,

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